Help Protect and Expand Oklahoma’s Equal Opportunity Scholarships!  

Take Action: Support a successful program benefitting low-income Oklahomans and public schools

Equal Opportunity Scholarships help children in low and modest income households attend private schools.

Two-thirds of Opportunity Scholarships go to students with incomes at or below 185% of the federal poverty level. The average income of a scholarship recipient is $45,000 for a family of four. Over 2,500 students receive scholarship dollars each year. In addition to serving students in lower-income families, some are coping with homelessness, addiction, autism, physical disabilities, bullying and other situations which are difficult for public schools to manage.

Opportunity Scholarships are administered by non-profit Scholarship Granting Organizations (SGOs) supported by private donations only.

Public Schools also benefit. Educational Improvement Granting Organizations (EIGOs) benefit rural public schools by providing resources for innovative educational programs. Like SGOs and the Equal Opportunity Scholarships they administer, EIGOs are privately funded.

Currently, any public school district with a student population under 4,500 (there are 166 districts that meet that qualification) can apply for assistance from EIGOs to fund“innovative educational programs.”

  • Chickasha public schools used funds to support robotics and STEM programs.

  • Mangum public schools used funds to purchase smart boards

  • Pawhuska public schools will use new funds to support blended learning and to offer advanced online courses to students.

SB 407 expands access to these grants for ALL public schools, meaning all students could potentially benefit from these innovative learning opportunities.

Donors to both SGOs and EIGOs receive a 50% tax credit on their donations (75% tax credit if the donor is willing to donate the same or greater amount for two consecutive years.) However, both programs are being stifled by an arbitrary $5M cap on tax-credit payouts, discouraging growth and future donations.

SB 407 by Sen. Dave Rader and Rep. Jon Echols increases the tax credit cap to $30M ($15M for both scholarships and public schools) and encourages the continued growth of the Equal Opportunity Scholarship Program.

Also, get the facts about the SB 407 by reading the bill for yourself.

Senate Bill 407

SB407 (PDF)