Currently, too many Oklahoma children attend a failing school.  We must have the courage to stand up to those who actively oppose the advancement of the state’s education system – and say, enough is enough. Our kids can’t wait.  


Our Mission

ChoiceMatters for Kids advocates for policies that help ensure parents have a rich education choice environment of high quality school options that connects their child to the school that best meets their needs.

The work to improve education in Oklahoma will not be complete until every child is attending a school that prepares them to be successful in life.  No child should be trapped in a failing school.

The largest portion of education funding is provided by the State ($2.73 billion),
followed by Local & County ($2.48 billion) and then Federal funds ($683 million). Total revenues for Oklahoma’s districts was $5.89 billion in 2015-2016.  
— Oklahoma Office of Educational Quality and Accountability – Profiles 2016 State Report